1. Here is a scientific paper of interest:

 Stevens RG, Brainard GC, Blask DE, Lockley SW, Motta ME. (2014)  Breast cancer and circadian disruption from electric lighting in the modern world.  CA: A Cancer Journal for Physicians 64(3): 207-218.


Article first published online: 24 DEC 2013
 DOI: 10.3322/caac.21218


The whole article is available at this URL and is free at present.  The first four authors are the word leaders in the topic.  The fifth author is a cardiologist.


2.This paper in the latest issue of Environmental Health Perspectives indicates that metropolitan nature spaces have positive effects on human health:

We know from many other papers that light pollution has adverse effects on human and wildlife health.  So this paper allows us to say there appears to be an additional adverse effect on human health resulting from the adverse effects of light pollution on wildlife health in metropolitan nature spaces.