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To save the Park we have to stop the East West Link.

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Speech to the Annual General Meeting, Royal Park Protection Group Inc.
Flemington Community Centre, 8 September 2012

Kelvin Thomson MP – Federal Member for Wills .

There are many great things about Australia, but to my mind the greatest is the proximity we have to the natural world, to our physical surroundings. Continue reading

Snap Protest – Say No to East West Link – Yes To Doncaster Rail Link

Tuesday 21 August 12:30 pm Outside Dan O’Connell Hotel Carlton 

RPPG joined with Protectors of Public Landands Victoria Inc. and Carlton Residents’ Association at theirsnap protest – Say No to East West Link Yes To Doncaster Rail Link next week. Continue reading

Visit to Drill Site East West Link

Visit to proposed Drill sites

PPL and RPPG reps  met at 12 noon at the Football Pavilion between Brens Drive and H G Smith Ovals

See Map of drill sites. We visited EWL-B12 – 012 first on the crown of the hill in the grasslands This was an aboriginal corroboree site and are important grasslands and habitat for grasslands parrots and feeding ground for flocks of native birds.  We also checked out EWL-B12-013 and 014.

The group then drove around to Brens Drive park outside the State Netball and Hockey Centre then walked back to meet at Anzac Hall.  We inspected the drilling site next to or opposite Anzac Hall.

See  EWL-B12-007 at the corner of O’Neill Street and Canning Street Carlton on the triangle of land near the Dan O’Connell Hotel Drilling will start there on Monday next.  The Dan O’Connell Hotel only got a note under its door on Thursday afternoon advising of the drilling. .

You do realise that the drill sites indicate the alignment of the EW Link and that the Government wont be able to afford a tunnel so as we were told during the Eddington Review the motorway will be “cut and cover” – cut now cover in 5 years if ever.

Meeting with Linking Melbourne Authority

Briefing Session by LMA to Community Groups on Drilling Program: A request was made that LMA brief community groups on the drilling program as a matter of urgency as  – to our alarm  – it had already started on the roundabout in Carlton at the intersection of Swanston Street and Cemetery Drive and in Alfred Street Continue reading

Drill sites give clue to future path of road tunnel

From The Age

IS THIS the path the controversial east-west road tunnel will cut through the inner city?

In an application to Melbourne City Council the Baillieu government is requesting approval for 13 test drilling sites in Royal Park and surrounding suburbs to plan for the multibillion-dollar project.

In an indication of its preferred route for the tunnel, maps show the drill sites run in a direct line from Alexandra Parade under the Melbourne Cemetery and Royal Park.

At the back of the indicative route the drill sites split, suggesting locations for inbound and outbound connections to CityLink in Royal Park and nearby neighbourhoods.

The application for ”preliminary geotechnical drilling” is part of a $15 million business case being prepared for the 18-kilometre tunnel, which tops the Baillieu government’s infrastructure wish-list.

The government says the project will ease traffic congestion on Melbourne’s roads and create an alternative cross-city route for cars and trucks. Since it was first proposed under the previous state government the tunnel has faced heated local opposition over tolls and concerns over its impact on the inner city and parkland.

The project received a boost earlier this month when Opposition Leader Tony Abbott committed $1.5 billion to help build it. It has been reported federal Labor could also commit funding later this year. Continue reading