Current Issues

News Bulletins

Our latest News Bulletin on issues and events in the park is here.

Royal Park Master Plan Update

We had a presentation from CoM on the above in June 2022.  A document outlining the steps ahead is here.

Bird Watching anyone?

One of our keen bird watching members has set up an iNaturalist  “Project” called Royal Park, Parkville which collates all the entries already logged in iNaturalist and any future entries that occur within the perimeters shown on the map (see link). 

Check it out… If you click on “view all” next to Recent Observations, you can scroll through all the photos people have uploaded. The ones listed as “research grade” have been verified as the correct identification.

There are some “learning the system” links which are :  Getting Started · iNaturalist   and  Video Tutorials · iNaturalist  which differ depending on whether you use phone or PC.   However there are many more functions available using a browser via the Web rather than the App.    

We hope that we can get more people to add entries over time, especially moths & bats.

Building a database of the birds, bats, insects and animals in the Park will enhance our ability to protect the Park from future threats.