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Our latest News Bulletin on issues and events in the park is here.

Zoo Car Parking Expansion Plans

Refer to recent article in The Age – Zoo Car Park Expansion

RPPG, FoRP and PPL are currently trying to get meetings with the CoM and the Zoo to understand the purported need for this.

Disappointingly it appears that no consideration to maximising the use of public transport rather than cars is considered.  The projected attendance figures also seem wildly inflated to bolster the need for a multi storey carpark….?

Parkville Gardens – Tower Heights for Stages 9-12

The developer has submitted request to increase the heights of the 4 remaining towers (1 already approved).  The biggest increase is an almost doubling of the height of a tower from 40m to 79m which is approximately 26 storeys.

Objections have been lodged by many including CoM.

Joe Edmonds presented to the VCAT hearing on this matter as well as meeting with Ministerial Advisor and Planning personnel.  Unfortunately they were not sympathetic to our views on this matter!

VCAT to announce decision soon.