Julianne Bell – People’s Warrior

Julianne Bell 1940-2017

The service for Julianne was well attended by some 150+ people and was a fitting tribute to this great lady.

Before Julianne died we presented her with a commendation to show our appreciation which she was very happy to receive.  We also had a “Role Description” (see below) for her replacement which I believe she got a few chuckles from!!

Draft Role Description for Replacement People’s Warrior…..

  • Must be indefatigable, tenacious and never accept a no for an answer
  • Must have extensive contact list within the Public Service, Government (all levels),  major Public Corporations and Newspaper and Radio outlets
  • Must read all newspapers, Government (state and local) announcements to ensure you know what is happening….everywhere
  • Prepare narratives and links to all important matters and report on those already in the news
  • Attend Council Meetings to present case for protection of our assets
  • Arrange meetings with “stakeholders” to ensure a) they know we are watching and care, and b) to note errors or improvements to such proposals that may be in the offing
  • Consult with legal representatives when required to obtain advice
  • Keep the press informed and be able to provide information, appear on radio, write to local and major newspapers on matters of the day
  • Hassle other members of Community Groups into taking action
  • Attend meetings of said Community Groups
  • Be a resource on all known history of said Community Groups and matters that have been tackled
  • ……more to be added…..!!!

A selection of notices and tributes from friends and family (here) plus special tributes from Adam Bandt and Bob Brown to Fiona Bell who was with Julianne everyday over the last few weeks are included here.

Obituaries were published on behalf of PPL and RPPG in:

The NWMN Autumn Edition 176 by Anne Phefley (Secretary of RPPG) here, and in

The Age on February 14 2017 by Ernest Healy (President of PPL) – here and here

Park Watch No 268 March 2017 here.

A photo of Julianne and citation now hang in the Walmsley House – see here.