East West Link

Here is a snapshot of what we were in for:

Spaghetti Junction at exit in Ross Straw Field.pdf

20140811 Road Costs.pdf

20140811 Road Costs 2.pdf

EWL Planning Panel Hearing

Monday 3 March 2014 was a very memorable day in the battle for our parks in particular Royal Park.  Mr Tom Pikusa – counsel for our two groups, namely Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. and the Royal Park Protection Group Inc., made a brilliant submission at the opening of the Victorian Planning Panel hearing enquiring into the East West Link.

The power point presentation includes stunning photos of Royal Park by David Tatnall and extraordinary 3D artists impressions produced by the program proponent – Linking Melbourne Authority – of the East West Link spaghetti junctions, vent stacks and aerial overpasses proposed for Royal Park.

EWL RPPG Opening Statement Pt 1

EWL RPPG Opening Statement Pt 2

Media on Planning Panels Victoria and EW Link and Heritage Listing of Royal Park:

20130502 The Age.pdf

20130508 HS.pdf

20130511 The AgeTandberg.pdf

20130518 HS.pdf

20130521 The Age.pdf

20130527 The Age.pdf

20130528 -2 The Age.pdf

20130528 The Age.pdf

Speech by Julianne Bell 26 Oct 2008 here.