Julianne Bell

Dear Members and Friends,

The service for Julianne was well attended by some 150+ people and was a fitting tribute to this great lady.  A selection of notices and tributes from friends and family and a special tribute from Bob Brown are attached here and here.

In the last few weeks we prepared a commemorative thankyou for Julianne and also a “draft role description” (see below) for her replacement – Julianne got a good chuckle out of these!!

Draft Role Description for Replacement People’s Warrior…..

  • Must be indefatigable, tenacious and never accept a no for an answer
  • Must have extensive contact list within the Public Service, Government (all levels),  major Public Corporations and Newspaper and Radio outlets
  • Must read all newspapers, Government (state and local) announcements to ensure you know what is happening….everywhere
  • Prepare narratives and links to all important matters and report on those already in the news
  • Attend Council Meetings to present case for protection of our assets
  • Arrange meetings with “stakeholders” to ensure a) they know we are watching and care, and b) to note errors or improvements to such proposals that may be in the offing
  • Consult with legal representatives when required to obtain advice
  • Keep the press informed and be able to provide information, appear on radio, write to local and major newspapers on matters of the day
  • Hassle other members of Community Groups into taking action
  • Attend meetings of said Community Groups
  • Be a resource on all known history of said Community Groups and matters that have been tackled
  • ……more to be added…..


If you think this role is you then please contact us immediately!!!