Julianne Bell wrote to MCC on behalf of Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. and the Royal Park Protection Group Inc. to draw attention to the condition of the billabong in the Australian NativeGarden.  It was covered in what appears to be a form of red algae or water weed which covers the water entirely.  It seems to have been there for at least 12 Months.

“This stretch of water used to be home to a number of species of birds but these have disappeared with the exception of a few ducks. In addition to the water birds,  there were little “bush birds” living in the vegetation on the banks of the pond and used to skim the water picking up insects. But, as far as we know, they are no longer there. See photo of the billabong taken last week.  Also of concern is the condition of the swale running north-south through the Gardens along the line of what once was a creek into the pond. We assume that the swale is now stagnant.    We should be pleased if you can immediately authorise removal of this carpet of red algae and proceed with the rehabilitation of the billabong and swale. This matter is urgent to encourage birds to return to theAustralian Native Garden.”

A positive response was received and the state of the billabong is much improved.