EWL – “Not so wise men”

The following letter to The Age sums up the stupidity of the EWL debate very nicely….

“Wise men traditionally came from the East. Unfortunately, the Liberal MPs on the steps of State Parliament on Saturday morning may have been from electorates in the east, but are far from wise. They were endeavouring to exhume the East-West Link – the road debacle of their own party’s making.

The burden they expect others to bear is too great. Homes compulsorily acquired; fractured communities; a noisy, polluted environment; and swathes of public parkland stolen from us and future generations. Not to mention no money left for enhanced public transport. To those politicians and their rent-a-crowd members from the eastern suburbs, who consider these matters to be of little consequence, I invite you to swap your homes with ours. Under this project my house would have an unfiltered vent stack and seven fly-overs very close by.”

Margaret Jungwirth, West Parkville

Letter to the Age 10 August 2015