Current Issues

Improvements near RCH

The MCC plans to carry out works between the hospital and tram to cope with traffic volumes.  Link to works proposal is here. Our response is shown below:

  1. “The moves to achieve cycle-calming are a good idea however the removal of the curve in the existing path east of the tram crossing doesn’t seem necessary.
  2. We are opposed to the installation of the 13 standard park lights. Are these lights really necessary? There is already a stand-alone pole and there is wall lighting at the RCH. There is also significant light spill from the RCH building itself. There is other lighting as well so that the existing lighting is surely sufficient. If the proposed new lighting will be the CoM standard park lighting, set on high poles these will cause  unwanted light spill into the park.  Royal Park is supposed to be a dark park so additional lighting should be minimised. Are there better options if it deemed necessary to have additional lighting..
  3. There is concern about the installation of the proposed picnic tables and seating.  These would seem to be mainly for hospital staff, patients and visitors.  Could not this seating and picnic tables be placed in the Hospital precinct. There would appear to be several options that would give a better outcome. It is not a good idea to place a picnic table close to the Morton Bay Fig tree. Not good for the tree and not in line with the character of the bushland park.
  4. It would seem better to leave the rubbish bin where it is. With regard to the smokers RCH responsible disposal by smokers of their cigarette butts by walking up to the existing bin!  The Hospital should  provide a staff and visitors smokers area within their precinct with the appropriate disposal bins.
  5. We are pleased with the proposed revegetation plots and infill trees in the draft concept plan.”

Flemington Rd Oval

MCC have undertaken an upgrade to the oval adjacent to the RCH on Flemington Rd.  The plans include the building of a new pavilion and installation of lights.  The pavilion is now approved however the lighting is still subject to further approvals.

We note that these items were not part of the RP Master Plan.  We have voiced our concerns on this.



Zoo Car Parking Expansion Plans

Refer to recent article in The Age – Zoo Car Park Expansion


We need to get on to this one!!