Current Issues

Improvements near RCH 

The MCC plans to carry out works between the hospital and tram to cope with traffic volumes.  Link to works proposal is here – these works are now underway

Flemington Rd Oval

MCC have undertaken an upgrade to the oval adjacent to the RCH on Flemington Rd.  The plans include the building of a new pavilion and installation of lights.  These works are now progressing.

Zoo Car Parking Expansion Plans

Refer to recent article in The Age – Zoo Car Park Expansion

RPPG, FoRP and PPL are currently trying to get meetings with the CoM and the Zoo to understand the purported need for this.

Parkville Gardens – Tower Heights for Stages 9-12

The developer has submitted request to increase the heights of the 4 remaining towers (1 already approved).  The biggest increase is an almost doubling of the height of a tower from 40m to 79m which is approximately 26 storeys.

Objections have been lodged by many including CoM.